Chicanosauruz At the Border

By Victor Ochoa

About Victor

Artist Victor Ochoa describes himself as "a headstrong Chicano with a political attitude reminiscent of the 60s." He calls himself a "border phenomenon," as his life streams on both sides of the border. He is a creative source who uses negative themes and issues surrounding Mexican and Chicano culture and history, with beautiful colorful images that relay his Chicano attitude into his works, murals, and community dynamics.

Victor was born in Los Angeles to undocumented parents, was kicked out to Tijuana at seven, and later moved back to L.A. for junior high. He was part of the Chicano Art movement, co-founded the Centro Cultural de la Raza, and developed as an artist in a multidisciplinary influence.

9500 Gilman Dr,

La Jolla, CA 92093

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