How often do you live life going through the motions before you decide it’s time to stop? For there comes a point when endless forward movement ceases to make progress and you forget that forward isn't your only option
— and all you REALLY have to do is stop.
Then turn around, reroute.

“Rebooted” is a reminder to breathe.
That to take two steps forward, you often need to take a step back. And that all these for(ward) loops you get caught up in running need a break, 'else: you — and your system — will break.

It is in stopping and registering where you are that you come to situate your journey, for we often don't know where we're going until we've reflected on where we've been, and the shapes of our stories only emerge after we allow ourselves a moment to step back and restore our finite collection of checkpoints and turning points to a finer granularity
— such that everything isn’t merely...
a blur.

“Rebooted,” therefore, is our reminder to refresh
And disconnect from the noise of mindless movement to rediscover what truly matters, to us.

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