You are invited to TEDxUCSD's first-ever virtual conference! Join us for a weekend of talks and live events, engaging discussions, and a chance to connect at a time when connection feels difficult. Anyone is welcome to attend!


This year's theme is “Rebooted.” It's a reminder to break from simply going through the motions and breathe. We often don't know where we're going until we've reflected on where we've been, and sometimes the shapes of our stories only emerge after we allow ourselves to step back and refresh. A reboot, therefore, is a chance for us to disconnect from the noise of mindless movement to rediscover what truly matters to us.

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Schedule of Events

Elizabeth Salaam

The Scariest Thing That Can Change Your Life

Victor Ochoa

Chicanosauruz At the Border

Hannah Martin

Latinas and the New American Dream

Amin Shaykho

Working Hard Is My Biggest Mistake

Rose Schindler

Surviving Auschwitz, You Had to Have Guts

Richard Shuster

Becoming a Superhero: The Science and Power of Altruism

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